Paul Ast

Starting with the company in 1972, Paul became a partner in 1982. Now standing as a Principal Partner and Chief Engineer, Paul brings with him extensive experience and expertise which is brought to light and utilized during the preparation of preliminary project drawings and the selection of the optimum framing scheme for each project.

Graduating in 1965 from the University of Prague, and obtaining a Masters of Applied Science in 1972 from the University of Toronto, Paul has produced many paper publications, and has had a significant impact on the skyline of Toronto.

Born in the Czech Republic, and being a member of the Professional Engineers of Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Paul’s teachings and guidance shapes and forms the office of Jablonsky Ast & Partners.

Publications & Papers:

“Tables for Analysis of Framed Tube Buildings”
University of Toronto Press.

“Economical Analysis of large Frame – Tube Structures” British Journal of Building Science 1972.

“Special Considerations In Design Of An Asymmetrical Shear Wall Building”, Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering 1978.

“Design, Construction and Performance of the Foundation Mat of Bankers Hall Development”, Concrete International, to be published in August of 1992.

Dominic Tari

Mr. Dominic Tari has been proud member of the Jablonsky Team since his graduation from the University of Toronto where he obtained his Bachelor of Applied Science in 1974. Becoming Partner in 1990, he now holds the title as Senior Principal Partner and Designated Consulting Structural Engineer.

A Member of the Professional Engineers of Ontario, The American Concrete Institute as well as a Member of the Engineering Institute of Canada, Dominic’s thorough knowledge has allowed him to be the Project Principal for some of Toronto most visited buildings. He pioneered the use of the “modified” tapered slab drop panel for the Atrium on Bay, and headed up the team for the 31 Storey Steel Structure of 1 Financial Place. With the Empress Walks Development in North York, the Bell Mobility Campus in Mississauga and the Additions to the Yorkdale Shopping Centre to add to his vast repertoire, Dominic specializes in buildings ranging from shopping centres, to low and high rise residential and office towers.

Mike Shiu

Graduating form the University of Taiwan, and obtaining his Masters of Applied Science from the University of Toronto in ‘70, Mike came to Jablonsky’s in ‘73 as a Structural Engineer specializing in the design of structural steel and reinforced concrete for commercial and residential structure. Advancing and becoming an associate heading up large building projects in ‘86, to then partner in ’88, he is now one of the Senior Partners.

Being a Member of the Professional Engineers of Ontario, Mike heads up a number of major structural projects. Those of significant note include Bankers Hall in Calgary Alberta, The Waterclub Condos in Toronto Ontario, the Hullmark Centre in North York Ontario and the spatial ”Colossus Coliseum” in Vaughan Ontario. Mike is presently the project principal for the “L” Tower project and several other downtown projects that are changing Toronto’s skyline.

Robert W. Asman

Obtaining his Bachelors of Applied Science in Engineering from McGill University in Montreal in 1976, Robert traveled and spent time in both Quebec and Alberta gaining experience in both provinces. Finding his way to Ontario in 1985, he has now been with Jablonsky Ast and Partners for over 25 years and is one of the firms Senior Partners and the company’s computer system manager.

Robert is a member of the Professional Engineers of Ontario and his experience has allowed him to be the senior design principal for all types of structures. Some of his most notable projects to date include that of the Distillery District Condominiums, “Spire” Condominium, Pier 27, “U” Condominium, and the Emerald City Re-Urbanization Development Project.

Craig Slama

Craig graduated from Carleton University in 1997 and has worked in the engineering profession of the last fifteen years. A licensed professional engineer in Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba, Michigan and Connecticut, Craig has worked in Ontario and in New York throughout his career.

Craig has been a partner with Jablonsky, Ast and Partners since 2007 and has participated in the design of several complex reinforcing concrete high-rise structures, such as Maple Leaf Square and Burano. His design experience included sports facilities (Elmira Civic Center), complex structural steel structures (Loblaws at Bathurst and St. Clair), numerous pre-engineered steel buildings (with Butler Building) and pre-engineered timber roof trusses (with Fennel Corporation).

Craig’s responsibilities in the company involve design from the preliminary stages of conceptual design through the completed working drawings stage. He manages the inspection and field services department in our design office.

Robert Jeffrey Watson

From Halifax, Nova Scotia “Jeff” graduated with distinction from Dalhousie University in 1998, joining Jablonsky Ast and Partners after working with several firms in Halifax.

With a strong work ethic and extensive experience in designing, Jeff was made partner in 2004. Experienced in designing reinforced and post-tensioning concrete, structural steel, reinforced masonry and timber, he is the design principal for vast array of various projects as well as the firms’ specification writer. Some of his most notable projects include “Park Lane” Condominium in Halifax, the Toy Factory Lofts in Toronto, and the architectural “trees” at Bankers Hall in Calgary. Jeff continues to be heavily involved in developing preliminary structural framing systems for the firm’s various expansions, retrofits & new developments.

Jeff Vivian

A Member of the professional Engineers of Ontario, Jeff Vivian graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Engineering Science. Jeff joined the team at Jablonsky as a Site Inspector in ‘99, advancing his way; he now stands as a Partner. Specializing in high-rise structures with a considerable amount of expertise on lateral design and modeling of buildings to resist wind and earthquake forces. Some of his most notable projects to date include the 57 and 67 storey towers of the “ICE” condos, “Jazz” condominiums, the TIFF Festive Tower and 1 Bloor Street East the monumental 70 plus storey condominium when completed, will be one of Toronto’s tallest residential structures.

René Martinez Triana

René completed his bachelor in Structural Engineering at the Superior Technical Institute Jose A. Echevarria in Havana, Cuba 1981 and worked as a Technical Site Supervisor for Cienfuegos, Cuba during the construction of the Petrochemical Complex of Cienfuegos. From 1984 to 1998, he was a Senior Structural Engineer at the Technical Centre for the Development of Construction Materials in Havana, Cuba, where he designed and developed precast structural systems for the construction of industrial and residential buildings, and was an acting consultant for the technical committee for the NC53-115 Design of Masonry Structures. René spent another 4 years as a Senior Structural Engineer for EPROB, Havana, Cuba, where he was responsible for the structural design of hotels, residential, and industrial buildings.

From 2002 to 2009, René designed commercial, residential and retail buildings, in addition to doing renovations of existing steel and concrete buildings as a Senior Structural Designer for Jablonsky, Ast And Partners, Toronto, Canada. His experience and expertise led to his association and subsequent partnership with Jablonsky, Ast And Partners in 2010 and 2012 respectively. He is fluent in English and Spanish, and is a Professional Engineer.