24 Feb 2011


Office Buildings Comments Off on 95 WELLINGTON STREET WEST – TORONTO

Developer: Prudential Developments Limited
Architect: Pellow Architect Inc.

This distinctive twenty three storey office tower is clad with a  glass and granite curtain wall.

The clear spans, in the range of fifteen metres, are framed with bonded, post-tensioned, concrete beams, spanning from the perimeter columns to the central core, supporting one-way, one hundred and fifty millimetre thick, reinforced concrete slabs.

To satisfy the possible need for extensive computer areas, the floors were designed for a superimposed live loading of 3.6 kN per square metre, plus a partition allowance of 1.2 kN per square metre.

To optimize the sizes of the columns, and the thicknesses of the core walls, the concrete for same was designed considering the additional strength gain at 120 days that could be achieved by special concrete mixes as compared to normal portland cement concrete with a standard 28 days design strength.

The five level subgrade parking garage, below the office tower, was one of the first in Toronto to employ epoxy coated reinforcing steel along with special concrete mixes, and optimal slopes to drains, with a special membrane and traffic wearing surface, to achieve a more durable parking garage structure, to deal with the increasing use of road salts.