20 Apr 2011


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Developer: Gentra/Tridel
Architect: Burka Architects

This mixed use project, completed in 2003, is located at the north-west corner of the intersection of Bloor and Bellair Streets, in the trendy part of Bloor Street, in mid-town Toronto. It consists of a twenty-eight storey tower, with a six storey podium, constructed over a subgrade parking garage which is south of a two level section of the Bloor Street subway tunnel.

All of the footings bear on natural undisturbed soil capable of safely sustaining a pressure of 700 kilonewtons per square metre, (ie. 14,616 pounds or 7.3 tons per square foot).

The subgrade parking level slabs P1, P2 and P3 are 200 mm thick, or 240 mm thick to suit longer spans, reinforced concrete flat slabs, with 125 mm deep drop panels over the columns.

The ground floor slab is primarily a 200 mm or 240 mm thick reinforced concrete flat slab, with 200 mm deep drop panels at the columns. There are also ninety-two reinforced concrete beams, at various locations, throughout the slab to frame openings, create column free open space, to accommodate transport trucks, and to support a special truck turntable which facilitates the access for transport trucks.

The twenty-eight days specified strength for the reinforced concrete slabs and beams from the fourth floor through to the seventh floor is 35 megapascals. Floor slabs, from the eighth floor through to the twelfth floor, are similar 210 mm thick flat plate reinforced concrete slabs, which are one-way reinforced between shear walls, and are cast with concrete with a twenty-eight days specified strength of 30 megapascals.

The slabs of the floors, from the thirteenth level through to the twenty-second level, are also similar 210 mm thick flat plate reinforced concrete slabs, which are one-way reinforced, where they span between shear walls, and are cast with concrete with a specified twenty-eight days strength of 25 megapascals.

The south part of the twenty-seventh floor, which is the upper level of the south penthouse, is a 600 mm to 700 mm thick, reinforced concrete, flat plate, transfer slab, with slopes to drains on the terrace.

The walls and columns, from the footings up to level seven, were specified to have a strength at ninety days of 45 megapascals. The strength was reduced, in 5 megapascal increments, down to 35 megapascals, at ninety days, from the eleventh to the fifteenth level and finally down to 25 megapascals, at twenty-eight days, above the nineteenth level.

Lateral forces, resulting from wind or seismic effects, are resisted by the interaction of the central reinforced concrete core, containing four elevator shafts, a mechanical shaft, and a scissor stair, with the reinforced concrete shear walls.